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Monte dei Bianchi

Situated in a beautiful panoramic position, in Medieval times the walled borgo of Monte dei Bianchi constituted the religious centre of an anonymous feudal family. From the ancient monastery of St Michael, mentioned in the most remote lists of the diocese of Luni, are conserved merely traces of the Roman period. In the same way remain signs of the ancient castle which stands out on the summit of the hills. A major monastery of extreme antiquity already existed from 760 A.D. when Ato, son of the Longobard Eugneio, in his will left part of his wealth to the priest Fratellus for the construction of such a monastery. Then in 1106, Pope Pasquale 11 sent a Benedictine monk, Bernardo of the Uberti, who, on meeting with with the grandsons of Rudolf of Casola and the sons of Bosone, decided to follows their pleas and construct a monastery dedicated to St Michael. The monastery was rectified by the Canonici Regolari monks or the White Monks or Rocchexiani. From here originated the name of the village, Monte dei Bianci. The family who owned this land were called the White people of the Erberia, originally Longobard subjects. “De Herberia” because they came from Rubiera in the province of Modena which was once called Herberia. The monastery enjoyed a certain splendour between the 13th & 16th centuries up until the disappearance of the family with the start of the rule of the Malaspinas in Lunigiana.

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Al Vecchio Tino

Situated on the edge of the National Park it is possible to enjoy all the resources that this uncontaminated countryside offers such as guided excursions, trekking, horse riding. The postion provides a relaxing place to stay with the view of the Apuan Alps, the peace of the woods and olive groves, the lack of traffic which allows guests to totally immerse themselves in the tranquility of this wonderful location. Lovers of art can also enjoy the ease of access to the great Tuscan cities of art, easily reached by motorway, or in a short time one can reach Versilia, the most exclusive Riviera of Italy. Vibrant society life, elegance and an exclusive location where one can pass one’s days.
On your return to Vecchio Tino you will find a relaxing environment in which to enjoy the tranquility and welcome of the staff , the possibility to relax in rooms of next door Agriturismo Al Vecchio Tino or make use of the ample space for an overnight stay in one’s camper van amidst the green verdant countryside. .


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